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USN CytoPower - 900g

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Quick Overview

Promotes proper hydration and reduces the chance of cramps and pains. Boost energy levels and aids in the repair of muscle tissue.

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-Fast Replacement of electrolytes, energy and amino acids.
-Provides you with long lasting energy
-Reduces The lactic acid concentration during and after exercise
- Helps to reduce cramps and muscle pain
- Helps the renewal of muscle between workouts
- Helps with Glycogen depletion
- Anti-catabolic amino acids to prevent muscle fatigue during exercise.

CytoPower's is USN-energy drink which comprises of elements that are chosen so that the supply of energy is optimum and performance during physical activity is enhanced.
The soluble beverage supplements electrolytes, minerals and fluids contained are in amounts sufficient for exercise, reducing the risk of fatigue.

CytoPower combines high and medium-glycemic carbohydrates, which promote enhanced performance and physical durability, as well as restoration of muscles during exercise. This combination provides a rapid conversion of energy, while providing a stable blood sugar level.

A powerful dose of 500mg L-Glutamine and 100mg L-tyrosine, potent and stable N-Acetyl form, have been added to each serving of 50g.

Additional Information

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Goal Recovery & Joint Health
Servings 18
Serving Size 50g
Calories 169
Fat 0
Carbohydrates 41.1
Protein 0.8


Serving Size 50g
Servings Per Container 18
900g packaging
The contents of one portion incl:
The energy value of 169cal
protein 0.8g
carbohydrates 41.1g
-in the sugars (D-ribose, sucrose, dextrose, maltose, fructose) 26g
fat 0g
fiber 0g
sodium 266mg
potassium 143mg
calcium 12mg
magnesium 43mg
phosphorus 133mg
Vitamin C 75mg
L-Glutamine 250mg
L-tyrosine 50mg
caffeine 50mg
taurine 500mg
Glukoronolaktan 50mg


Recommended dosage:

To get a hipotoniczy solution Dissolve 2 heaped scoops 25ml (50g) in 750ml of cold water.
To get an isotonic drink, dissolve 2 heaped 25ml scoops (50g) in 500ml of water.

Drink 150-200ml every 15-20 min. intra
Drink 30-60min. before workout, sipping 2-3 sips every 10-15 minutes.

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