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Universal Creatine Micronized - 2x200g

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What is creatine?




Creatine is a combination of the three following amino acids: glycine, arginine and methionine. Creatine one of the most extensively researched sports supplements on the market, it is tried, tested and safe. Creatine is most certainly not a steroid! Creatine is natural, it is even produced by the body and can be found in high protein foods such as fish and red meat.




How does Creatine work?




When you consume creatine, it binds with phosphate to create creatine phosphate. ATP (Adenine Tri-phosphate), is the bodies energy source, used for almost every bodily process including muscle contraction. ATP does this by hydrolyzing phosphate groups. When this is done, ATP looses phosphate becoming ADP (adenine Di-phosphate), which is useless to the body. Creatine in the aforementioned form of creatine phosphate refuels ADP so that it once again becomes ATP. As a result ATP stores become larger allowing longer and harder training to be possible.




Your body also uses creatine alone as a source of energy. When performing activities such as lifting weights, creatine phosphate is your body's primary choice as an energy source. In addition, creatine hydrates muscle cells. This process increases both protein synthesis and the amount of ions in the cells (which increases protein synthesis even further).




The combination of the aforementioned processes results in a rasied ability to train harder and for longer. This means that your training sessions will be more proficcient, stength and muscle mass gains will come faster and in greater amounts.




Why Choose Universal Nutrition?




Forms of Creatine such as creatine monohydrate are extrememly popular for both body builders and those looking to gain strength. It is for this reason that many supplement companies sell creatine in their own guise. So why use Universal Nutrition Creatine? Universal Nutrition creatine is sourced from the German Creapure producer. Unlike other creatine, Creapure creatine is extensively tested for impurities making it extremely refined and subsequently very safe and effective. Some creatine supplements on the market can consist of ingredients of which 5% are impure. Therefore you can put your full trust in Universal Nutrition creatine, a quality and effective supplement can be guaranteed.





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Creatine(creapure): 5 g


As a dietary supplement during normal training schedules, mix 1 teaspoon in 8oz. of water. For best results take with meals.

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