In this article we will be looking at some of the best post-workout foods that are easy to find and cheap to buy but have massive post-workout benefits and potential. We will also briefly discuss some cheap supplements that are perfect additions to a muscle and strength building diet. Here at Predatorsgear we strongly recommend that our customers rely on real food when possible to full fill their nutritional needs and only use supplements when they are training and competing at a high level of intensity and require the additional nutritional boost.

1. Eggs

Eggs are packed full of protein, which is of course the building block of muscle tissue. Eggs are particularly good post workout food because they also feature a full spectrum of essential amino acids, as well as all non-essential amino acids! As Eggs are an animal product they also have a very high biological value of 100, this value tells you how much protein in the food source is useable by the human body. So these properties make the humble Egg a fantastic and vital post-workout food.

We recommend consuming Eggs in an omelette or scrambled. We don't recommend eating raw Eggs as for one the bioavailability of a raw egg is below that of a cooked egg, secondly consuming raw eggs carries a risk of salmonella. Omelette and Scrambled are healthiest, tastiest and quickest way to consume Eggs.

A quickly prepared meal is obviously very important for benefitting from the Anabolic window the period of time directly following a workout.


2.Oily Fish

We recommend that you try Tuna & Salmon and incorporate them into your post workout regime.

Fish has many different proteins and they are also full of omega 3. This is brilliant to help with your general health, and also has the added benefit of boosting your immune system. As These properties are important as when you engage in an intense work out, you will find that your immune system will tend to be lowered. This is the reason why upper respiratory infection is common among hard training athletes.

As a result many athletes will supplement with omega, however the benefits of natural essential fatty acids from food is by far the best way to get your daily needs of Omega.



Pasta is a staple pre-workout food but it is also very good for post-workout use. This is because of the complex carbohydrates, which are consumed to provide your body with energy that will last for a prolonged period, this essentially means that your body has the right fuel to repair itself.

Pasta is a simple and quickly prepared meal that meaning it can be a standalone meal or eaten as part of a more filling meal. Pasta is also full of Protein as eggs are used in the production of Pasta.



Following an intense workout you need the fuel to recover and that is what sugar provides your body with. Bananas being full of natural sugars are ideal for this purpose.

Too much sugar by definition is bad, therefore sugary foods should be eaten as needed. Another added benefit of sugar is that by increasing your blood sugar levels you trigger your pancreas into releasing insulin. This biological process is important as it helps to transfer nutrients in the way of amino acids to your muscles. After a workout, this is obviously a vital benefit because following an intense workout this is exactly where you want proteins to be delivered to.

Another benefit of Bananas when looking to maximize muscle building and strength is that they have a high Potassium content. This is vital because Potassium is one of the main salts which are excreted during an intense workout. So why is it important to replenish your Potassium levels? because If these salts are not in the correct levels, you may end up dehydrated which is obviously incredibly detrimental to the Human body and especially to the body of a athlete.



Peanuts are not actually nuts they are in fact legumes. Meaning that they are full of good fats, therefore providing your body the energy it needs to recover after an intensive workout. Peanut butter has exactly the same nutritional properties, however try your best to find a peanut butter with the shortest list of additional ingredients and with as little sugar as possible.

Other fantastic benefits of Peanut butter are that it can help lower cholesterol, has a good dose of protein and when combined with a healthy bread (i.e. seeded or wholemeal), you have a an excellent and quick snack with a decent carb profile.


6. The sugars, carbohydrates and protein in rice pudding will help with recovery, and you can add fruit to get extra nutrients in as well.

Rice pudding is also a great way to take your creatine. Simply serve up your rice pudding and add a serving of creatine powder.


A hydrolysed Whey Protein whey protein shake, a serving of creatine and BCAA's are probably the easiest way to get your essential muscle building nutrients post workout. Incorporating a glass of orange juice would also be a good idea. Full of vitamins and natural sugars to aid recovery, it is also a great drink to have with your creatine.

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