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In this article we will be looking at some of the best post-workout foods that are easy to find and cheap to buy but have massive post-workout benefits and potential. We will also briefly discuss some cheap supplements that are perfect additions to a muscle and strength building diet. Here at Predatorsgear we strongly recommend that our customers rely on real food when possible to full fill their nutritional needs and only use supplements when th
You may eat clean 90% of the time & generally have a pretty tight diet – but your contest prep diet is a whole different animal. Even some clean foods are out. Again, everyone’s contest prep is different & people do it differently – but inevitably some foods are OUT.
What do I eat to get big? I eat loads but I just can’t get big! I am sorry but in this day and age eating loads just don’t cut it! Long gone the fad days of eating everything any anything (btw I hate fucking fads) we actually have research now! If you’re not taking a well proven researched practical approach to your diet then you’re falling behind! Now my rant is over!


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So I'm sat here now at 5:30 on Sunday morning. WHY?! Well, because I'm generally up at this time anyway to get in early for work (and my body doesn't seem like acknowledge sundays... stupid thing) but also because I'm cooking chicken and rice for the next two days.