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PVL Sports Nutrition Mutant Mass - 7700g

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Quick Overview

Contains 10 types of proteins with different absorption rates to help you gain mass quickly and effectively

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·         Assembled for immense gains in dense muscle mass

·         Over 1,000 quality calories per serving

·         Full experimental dose of protein, clean carbs & critical fats

·         Easy to mix formulation and great taste

·         10 types of proteins with different absorption rates

·         Includes VEXTRAGO best carbohydrates that exist in the world

·         Includes high doses of Omega 3 and 6 EFAs, CLA and MCT

·         High in Calcium and Potassium

Mutant Mass is a product of an entirely new class of supplements. It consists of four complexes.

The first is a mixture of proteins Iso Stack:
1. A blend of whey protein isolates (ISO-97 & CFM-90), and whey protein hydrolysates are proteins with a very short absorption time;
2. WPC-85 and WPC-80 - whey protein concentrates as another portion of which will be absorbed protein;
3. The calcium caseinate, milk protein isolate, and casein - proteins which are slowly absorbed into the bloodstream;
4. hen egg white protein isolate, and whey protein yolk. The proteins of the egg yolk are the best existing proteins that may be used by athletes!
With this combination of MUTANT MASS is a perfectly composed protein preparation, which provides a high level of amino acids in the bloodstream for a long time!

The second complex is a Clean Carb: mixture of carbohydrates with a low GI, including Vextrago - the largest carbohydrate molecule which is now in this type of foods! The higher the carbohydrate molecule, the sooner they leave the stomach and better supplement glycogen - a substance which is the main source of energy for the muscles. The more glycogen in the muscles - the more intense and longer training can be. Nobody has come up with a carbohydrate molecule that would be larger than Vextrago - it is 30% higher than Vitargo!

The third complex is Lipotherm - containing essential fatty acids (EFA) and the CLA and MCT. EFAs play a vital role in the normal structure and working of joints and strengthen the immune system. CLA inhibits the possibility of the growth of adipose! MCT, or an average chain fatty acids are an ideal source of energy, and increase fat burning!

Fourth, is INTRASORB5 - a mixture of ingredients for transporting micronutrients.

Additional Information

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Goal Gain mass
Servings 30
Serving Size 260g
Calories 1050
Fat 18
Carbohydrates 170
Protein 52


Serving Size 260g
Servings Per Container 30
7700g Package
The contents of one portion incl:
The energy value of 1050cal
18g fat
In this saturated 3g
cholesterol 60mg
sodium 360mg
carbohydrates 170g
5g fiber
sugars 29g
protein 52g
calcium 400mg
Mixture of Iso-stack:
Whey Protein Isolate
Whey protein hydrolyzate
Whey Protein Concentrate
calcium caseinate
Milk protein isolate
Yolk protein isolate and egg white
Clean-carb blend of
Mixture Lipotherm:


Recommended dosage:

1 serving (260gr) once daily after training. We recommend a daily portion jenak break into 3 smaller and drink them during the day.
Refer to the product label.

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