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Iron horse Thermo Pump - 10g

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We’re all familiar with the popular gym saying  - “first comes mass building, then body shaping”. Have you ever wondered if it is possible to have both energy and a pump after a workout and at the same time be sure that you are also shaping your body? Can you combine those two aspects at all?
    Well, it turns out you can! This thought inspired the creation of THERMO PUMP.
    THERMO PUMP is the result of work of both specialist and scientist teams, whose mutual aim was to ensure that expectations of even the most demanding customers will be met.
    Every serving of this unique pre-workout product contains substances that work on a multidimensional level: firstly - they stimulate and give a real muscle pump during a workout, secondly - they support the nervous system and protect it, thirdly - they stimulate thermogenesis and liposis. All of this will ensure your good form, health and appearance at the same time.
    Your muscles need stimulation after each training. Beta alanine can clearly improve muscle efficiency and strength, thanks to which you will be able to train more effectively, whereas AAKG will make sure that every myofiber of yours will be pumped up. Cytruline malate in a very highly assimilable form and thaurine will make sure that your muscles are supplied with all the necessary ingredients, to let them work with the highest level of intensity.
    During a training it is not only your muscles that require special protection. Therefore THERMO PUMP also contains magnesium in the form of a highly assimilable citrate of top quality, additionally supported by B vitamins with Schisanda chinensis extract brilliantly supporting the Central Nervous System, which is highly overstrained during an intensive workout.
    But that’s not all! What makes THERMO PUMP different from other pre-workouts available in the market is a thermogenic effect obtained thanks to the use of active substances. It is owing to them that you can also shape a perfect figure without the need to use additional products that help to burn the adipose tissue. This effect can be achieved thanks to such ingredients as l-carnitine that accelerates fat metabolism, a pineapple extract containing bromeline - an enzyme that helps to lose weight, a bitter orange peel extract used for centuries for fighting excessive kilograms or a ginger extract and raspberry ketones.
    All of those ingredients combined with caffeine included in THERMO PUMP are the best weapon in a struggle for a perfect body, whereas a precisely composed content of THERMO PUMP will make sure that the time you spent on a workout has been used to the fullest. 

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One of the two portions dissolved in a glass of water, eat the stomach free meal for 20 minutes before a workout.
Use only on training days, while training to consume large quantities of water. Do not exceed the recommended dose of 10 g per day of training.

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